École St. Catherine's Elementary School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bona, Rosie Principal rbona@hrce.ca
MacRae, Ian Vice Principal IMacRae@hrce.ca
Robertson, Nancy ESCS School Secretary Nancy.Robertson@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Pinsonnault , Julie Grade 1-2 French Immersion
Allen, Beth 5/6 French Immersion beth.allen@hrce.ca
Arsenault , Lauren Grade 4/5 French Immersion
Camacho, Natasha Grade 1 French Immersion ncamacho@hrsb.ca Website
Carmichael, Nadine Grade 1/2 carmichaeln@hrsb.ca
Collinson, Erin Grade 3 french immersion
Fader, Kim Grade Primary/ One English Kfader@hrsb.ca
Gabriel , Emily Learning Center
Gillis, Jane Gr Primary French Immersion jane.gillis@hrce.ca
Gunning, Julie Ressource jgunning@hrsb.ca
Hart, Kelly Music kburkom@hrsb.ca
Hughes, Martina Hughes Grade 4 French Immersion Martina.Hughes@hrsb.ca
Larade, Glen Grade 5 French Immersion GLarade@hrsb.ca
Larade, Michaela Grade Primary/1 French Immersion Michaela.Larade@hrce.ca
Legate, Jessie 100% Physical Education JLegate@hrce.ca Website
MacDonald, Andrea English Resource andrea.macdonald@hrsb.ca Website
MacDonald, Mary Primary French Immersion mary.macdonald@hrsb.ca
Maclean, Morrigan 2/3 French Immersion morrigan.maclean@hrce.ca
MacLean, Natasha Grade 1 French Immersion natasha.maclean@hrsb.ca
Merrick, Meaghan Grade 4/5 English merrickm@hrsb.ca
Paschal, Melissa Grade 6 French Immersion mpaschal@hrsb.ca Website
Penny-Tuck, Laura Grade 3/4 French Immersion
Rand, Allison APL and Support ARand@hrce.ca
Scully, Joanna Grade 2 French Immersion jscully@hrsb.ca
Sukkar, Antoinette Core French ASukkar@hrce.ca
Sullivan, Jill Pottery Lab JChanda-Sullivan@hrce.ca
Tufts, Taryn Grade 5/6 English ttufts@hrsb.ca Website
Tully, Ryan 30% Phys. Ed TullyR@hrce.ca
Verboom, Melanie Pre-Primary (Lead) MVerboom@hrce.ca
Wholey , Sheilagh EAL swholey@hrce.ca
Zwicker, Kevin Grade 2/3 English kevin.zwicker@gnspes.ca Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Elsahli, Darine Assistant Lead Community Outreach Worker and Schools Plus 902-225-0557 delsahli@hrce.ca
Allen, Danielle EPA
Aulenback, Andrew Library aaulenback@hrsb.ca Website
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826 sborden@hrce.ca
Carter, Emma Psychologist emma.carter@hrce.ca
Friars, Denise 100% Guidance Counselor dfriars@hrce.ca Website
Haidar Ahmad, Nathalie Community Outreach Worker and Schools Plus 902 233 1003 nhaidarahmad@hrce.ca
Hovey, Stephanie SLP Stephanie.Hovey@hrce.ca
James, Janice EPA Janice.James@hrsb.ca
Kiley, Priscilla EPA pkiley@hrsb.ca
Leblanc, Mary SLD Teacher Mary.Leblanc@hrce.ca
Lee, Tara EPA
Logan, Christina EPA
MacGuillivray, Barb 80% EPA
Mochadam, Fatemeh YMCA School Settlement Worker 902 493 5143 fatemeh.mochadam@halifax.ymca.ca Website
Munroe, Leah African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker leah.munroe@hrce.ca
Murphy, Kelli EPA
O'Hearon, Lisa 100 % EPA
Riley, Linda Lunch Program linda.riley@hrsb.ca
Sampson, Juliana EPA
Stundon, Amanda Child and Youth Care Practioner astundon@hrce.ca
Trask, Natalie EPA ntrask@hrsb.ca